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Cool Soviet-era naval movie

Russian Twitter user @Capt(N) shared a cool bit of Soviet-era nostalgia today – a 1968 Soviet movie called “Neutral Waters” which will bring back fond memories for Anglospherenes who saw movies like THE BEDFORD INCIDENT when they were young. Unusual images and perspectives well worth checking out for naval enthusiasts of any nation.

Synopsis via Google translate:

The cruiser “Proud” fulfills the task of the Soviet command to curb provocations in neutral waters. Top-secret information arrives on board, which only one person is entitled to deliver to the captain. According to the charter, he is obliged to chained a suitcase with documents to his hand. The sailor did everything right. But at the height of the storm, making his way to the captain, was washed overboard.

Director: Vladimir Berenshtein Cast: Kirill Lavrov, Vladimir Chetverikov

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