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Sprint #4 went off track when I created a bug that prevented me from compiling the AltBrains Workshop capsule for 12 days. (More about what happened and why in the Retro). That meant that I couldn’t test changes and I couldn’t demo to prospects. This was extremely painful as it coincided with the deepening of the coronavirus crisis and I really, really wanted to have the outlet of completing and sharing work! Nevertheless, made good use of the downtime by working on the content database. And fortunately, on the day before my birthday, the Samsung team came through with a diagnosis, which enabled me to celebrate my 59th birthday with a renewed sense of forward momentum.

(Incidentally, I learned this week that after a lifetime spent mostly as an undistinguished political pamphleteer, Daniel Defoe spent his 59th year writing “Robinson Crusoe.”)

Once the bug was fixed I moved swiftly to submit AltBrains Workshop for its first production release. The latest version 3.7.16 includes the following enhancements:

I expect the AltBrains Workshop capsule to be available in the Bixby Marketplace mid next week.

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