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The user now has the option to request that an AltBrain be created on a particular topic with utterances in the form of “Create an AltBrain about ." The capsule then runs the user through a short survey, saves the results to a database, and gives the user an acknowledgment message indicating that the request has been added to our queue.

In addition, when the user does “Find an AltBrain on " and the system finds no matches, the zero result page includes the option to "create one" on the topic. The system remembers the topic and skips to the next question in the survey.

“Show new AltBrains on " returns any active AltBrains matching the search term and created since the beginning of the current week. "Show all new " brings back all newly created items.

Trained utterances include:

Create an altbrain Create an altbrain about Create an altbrain on Spongebob Squarepants Show new altbrains Show new altbrains about

News articles are now presented in reverse chronological order, as was intended.

Several minor errors were corrected in the Content database.

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