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In the AltBrains capsule for Samsung’s Bixby conversational personal assistant, users can now browse the AltBrains catalog by saying “Show all AltBrains” or “Find AltBrains About ." AltBrains provide facts, news, and images on particular topics such as climate change, US electoral politics, The Mandalorian, and more. The search is case-insensitive match on substring, so, for example, "Find all AltBrains about eWS" will return all the AltBrains containing the word "news".

When a user arrives at the detail page for a particular AltBrain, they are now presented with a landing page image, a brief text description of the topic being tracked, an author byline, and a notice of copyright ownership. All AltBrains have optional “handsfree” mode in which they present information to the user via speech; typically, this is more concise than the text displayed “hands-on” mode.

From each detail page, the user currently has three options: 1) “Latest headlines”, 2) “Browse facts”, and 3) “Show all altbrains” (i.e. return to top). The first two items are on-click continuations in Bixby parlance, the latter is a conversation driver. The full utterances are also supported from any location in the AltBrains capsule, i.e. “Show me latest headlines from Space Force” and “Browse facts from Stonehenge Explorer.”

User interactions with the system are now tracked via for analytic use by AltBrains staff only. The AltBrains privacy policy is available at

The following AltBrains are now active in the development environment:

About AltBrains Workshop (this one) Climate Intelligence Impeachment Sage Inside the Helmet [about The Mandalorian] Iran Conflict Tracker Space Force Stonehenge Explorer US Election Hands-free Command Line Tips Warships and Navies

The capsule is now available for on-device testing. Interested parties please contact me at

I expect two or three more sprints before releasing this capsule to the Bixby Marketplace.

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